Please find below feedback we have received from a variety of different practices and individuals;

 "I can't recommend the Compassion Understood course highly enough.  All members of our team have completed some if not all of the modules, as a means to enhancing the end of life care that we offer our clients and patients.  The information provided is invaluable, and the course content thought-provoking throughout.  We've all benefited from the course, no matter what stage of career we've reached.  It just goes to show that there's always more to learn, as well as there always being room for improvement and development of our methods.

The course is well designed, and easy to access.  Modules are short and concise, and the quizzes at the end of each section help reinforce the teachings discussed. 

The Compassion Understood course has helped provide us with resources and ideas to incorporate into our daily working practices, and all staff have gained increased empathy and know-how when dealing with these complex cases".  


- Struan Henderson, Clinical Director, Congleton Veterinary Centre


''I am a veterinary surgeon currently working in Sidcup Parkvets Hospital, One of the policies of the hospital is to complete your compassion understood certificate and as a result I had the opportunity to complete all the modules. 

I would like to thank you for the great work you did and to tell you how much I appreciate this experience. I gained a lot of new insights and information on this emotional part of veterinary work. 

Thank you so much!

- Timokleia Kousi, Vet Surgeon, Parvets Sidcup


'' Thank you to compassion understood for creating this easily accessible online course. The videos and information were informative and provided opportunity to review both personal and team approach to the euthanasia appointment to provide the best and most compassionate experience possible for the client at a distressing and emotional time. I appreciate that it is possible to re-watch the videos at any stage to refresh and revisit this training. ''

- Sarah Sykes, Receptionist, The Cat Clinic, Southsea


'' As a practice we have all just completed the Compassion Understood course and become a Platinum practice. I cannot recommend this course highly enough as it is very informative and gives the clients perspective which is very important. It must be working as most of the 5* reviews on our Facebook page come from sad times when we have had to put a client’s pet to sleep. There are lots of very useful downloads to do with the clients journey and planning euthanasia appointments. ''

- Tracey Kitchener, Practice Manager, Vets4Pets Scunthorpe

'' As a busy small animal practice we have to deal with life and death situations on a daily basis. A bad end of life experience is traumatic for both staff members and our clients and this is something we want to avoid if possible. Participating in the compassion understanding training has allowed to us review our current protocols and take a fresh look at how we handle these difficult situations. In some cases it has reinforced that we are doing a great job and in others it has highlighted areas for improvement. It has been a great way to start conversations amongst different groups of staff about this tricky issue and I feel the whole team has benefited. I would definitely recommend the course to other practices ''

- Rebecca Muwanga, Clinical Director, Briar Dawn Vet Centre

 ''We cannot recommend this course highly enough. All of our Practice members have completed the full Compassion Understood course and the knowledge gained has proved to be invaluable for our clients and their beloved pets. It has given our already compassionate and empathetic staff the confidence and tools to support our clients through all the processes involved in euthanasia and importantly after care and made us re assess and improve our communication systems within the Practice. Priceless! ''

- Kate Waite, Practice Manager, Companion Care Vets Cheltenham


 ''  Thought provoking, innovative, and challenging. Despite doing many things right, much was learned from the clients perspective. A course I highly recommend - not something I do lightly. Your patients parents will appreciate it!  ''

- Dr Madonna Livingstone, BVMS MRCVS , Ark Veterinary Clinics Coatbridge

 '' I've been dipping in and out of the course at my own pace which I like. I work part time and spend the rest of my time looking after my young children so I like the flexibility. I'm currently coming to the end of component three.

I think this course is excellent, I have done quite a bit of CPD on bereavement in the past as I feel this is a huge part of veterinary practice which is over looked.  I'm lucky in that my practice has let me make changes  and are open to new ideas regarding euthanasia and bereavement.

I have already suggested to one of the directors in practice that this course would be a really useful for all of the staff in practice to undertake at some point and I feel our receptionists would benefit from component three especially. ''

- Nichola Kosylo, RVN, Lawrence Veterinary Centre 

'' I am a Level 2 Veterinary Care Assistant and a Companion Animal Bereavement Counsellor. I have done a couple of courses since my VCA and Counselling Diploma, and was looking to expand and refresh my knowledge. I had e mailed Compassion Understood and messaged Luke Fisher, and I was very happy with the way I was dealt with. I also listened to the recent Webinar and knew I had to undertake the course. I completed the third module only, as  I felt this was the area I wanted to refresh my knowledge in. I thoroughly enjoyed the module. It was nice to read that I was and had already been putting the suggested methods in practice. I was very happy with the support I received, and I would not hesitate to recommend this course to any veterinary staff member. It is definitely worth every penny, and you really feel accomplished at the end ''

- Carrie Ball, Veterinary Care Assistant & Companion Animal Bereavement Counsellor

 ''  The course was fantastic. From your initial telephone support, customer service and helping to provide a suitable 'student' price/ package, through all of the informative modules and to now- completion. The content, mixture of video clips, expert advice, templates, downloads and suggestions were excellent. I was particularly pleased that the entire course was evidence based, with links available to further information and references where relevant.

I shall definitely be recommending the course/ website and now have firmly centered the HCAB and end-of-life protocols into my professional mindset ''

- Louise, Vet Student

 '' I really enjoyed the course, it was very thought provoking and I have taken a lot from it and it has defiantly changed my way of thinking and how I help clients. The course is presented in a very clear way and in managable sections, which gives you time to process the information. The multiple choice questions are really great for testing what you have learnt 

I have already created a Quality of Life checklist for work and I have started creating bereavement packs and along with another nurse at the practice we are developing the memorial items we can offer clients ''

- Charlotte Jones , RVN at Hawthorne Lodge Veterinary Practice Banbury

 '' Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take this course. Pet loss and pet bereavement is emotionally challenging for both the veterinary professionals (including nurses),  front of house staff and the owners. This course really makes you think about euthanasia, the terminally ill patients and providing the best care for them throughout. It really helps you realise and understand how it is so important that in the veterinary environment that we continue to improve the way we approach and think about these challenging situations we face on a daily basis. Great course and would highly recommend! ''

- Catherine Gelderd , Receptionist at Holly House Veterinary Hospital, Leeds

'' The course is a brilliant way to explore and challenge how myself and my practice currently carry out euthanasias and how we support the clients through this difficult time. It has highlighted many areas in which myself as a nurse can improve and potential practice protocols that I now feel confident to compose and ensure are implemented. I would definitely recommend this course not only for personal education but also as a way to ensure as veterinary professionals we are assessing and implementing ways to comfort animals and clients to consistently promote animal welfare and honour the human-companion bond."

- Natalie Sharp RVN, John Hankinson Vet Surgery

 “I have taken the Compassion Understood pet loss support course and found it very helpful. End-of-life care is something we don’t think we need to learn about but we really do. As vets and veterinary nurses, we often only think about the pet but this course puts you in the mind-set of the client and their emotions.”  

- Suzanne Smith RVN Park Vets Sidcup London  


“(This is) CPD the whole practice team can learn from, even experienced vets. I thought I was quite good at end of life situations until I realised I could try other options to enhance the experience for the owner and animal. (The training) makes you reconsider your practice and could make you more empathetic and compassionate than you already are in difficult situations. It addresses so many practical solutions to all the scenarios we will have encountered in practice.' 

- Kathleen Robertson MRCVS Vets North


“I enjoyed all of the modules in the Compassion Understood course and what I learnt from them would be of great use in practice and already has me thinking of a new approach to euthanasia in our practice.” 

 - Carly Lyons RVN Downland Veterinary Group 


“I am not a technical person by any stretch of the imagination and I managed to find my way around the training website easily. End-of-life care is something we should be able to talk about and break down barriers. We know clients are thinking about it, they know we know they are thinking about it but no-one speaks out. The Compassion Understood training will help veterinary practices start to talk about it. This course is marvellous. I feel that every module is pertinent to every member of staff involved in the bond centred vet approach…..all members of the team need to be involved in it if changes in the approach to euthanasia are to be considered."

- Rebecca Delli-Bovi RVN Clent Hills Veterinary Group


''I have now completed the first component.  I just want to say how brilliant it is.  I normally shy away from online learning as I fall asleep during webinars or find I've taken little in.  The combination of different types of learning is great and the downloadable resources are really helpful.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to carry out this course.  I'm not sure the bosses at my work would have paid for me to do this as it's difficult to explain how it "adds value" but now I've started it I can certainly see how it does.  I'm looking forward to the next 2 components.''

- Elisabeth Perrott Vet Surgeon, Garden Veterinary Group (Bristol Road)

Compassion Understood Pet Owner Website Feedback

 “I was impressed with the content of the website - it seems to provide good advice and information in a sympathetic and yet practical manner and appears to address a difficult subject sensibly and sensitively.” 

- Stephanie Writer-Davies, BVSc, MRCVS, owner of an independent small animal practice